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Copying, Printing, Artwork Scanning / Art Print Reproductions & Commercial Print Production

We specialize in large copy jobs!  Color or Black & White! Bring in your originals, and have them copied by our specialists.  You can also send us your order via and have your data printed and

ready when you arrive. 

Copying services can also include Stapling, Folding, Collating, Hole Punching and Cutting your order to a specific size or quantities of various sizes. Ask for more details.


Bring in your CD / DVD / USB drive or Floppy disk, and we will print your data for you, while you wait! Or, you can send us your order via and have your data printed and ready when you arrive.

CAD / Engineering Prints

Color or BW CAD / Engineering prints usully available same day!

Finishing Services

(Collating, Stapling, Cutting, Binding & Folding)

Have your finished documents sorted, collated, stapled,folded or comb-binided.


Take advantage of our custom cutting service. We trim your finished print to any size!



Artwork Scanning & Prints

Have your artwork professionally, digitally scanned to a color calibrated print file, and saved to DVD or thumb drive, digitally backed up to the Copycat Cloud for safekeeping!

Are you an artist looking to begin selling your own prints?   We can scan you artwork to digital format at 300dpi and store a backup of your artwork files on our servers. Using the digital file we can make you Prints, Greeting Cards, Note Cards and even a Custom Calendar. Visit our CopyCenter to see what we can create for you today!


Authorized                     ShipCenter

Package Dropoff, ShipCenter and Pickup Location

Bring your packages to us for quick shipping. Don't have a shipping label? No problem!

We can help you ship your package in just a few minutes via FedEx.


Graphic Design Service

We will Print and / or Design

Wedding / Party Invitations, Graduation Announcements, Menus & Flyers, Logos, Organization Newsletters, Banners, Brochures, Calendars and Labels, Raffle Tickets, Custom Calendars, Custom Labels and so much more! Bring us your design or we will create one for you!


FAX Service

We can send your FAX anywhere in the World! You can also have your FAXes sent to us and we will print it for you.


$1.50 Per Page, Send or Receive  * International Transmission FAX is $4.00 Per Page

CD / DVD / Blu-Ray Copying

Bring in your CD/DVD's and Blu-Ray discs for duplicates, or bring in your data to be burned to CD, DVD or Blu-Ray for easy backups. Your new CD / DVD / Blu-Ray is double-checked for quality and comes with protective holder to keep it safe.


Photo & Document Scanning

Scan any document or photograph to JPG, TIFF or PDF file format.

The scanned file can then be reprinted, saved to CD / DVD / Blu-Ray or E-mailed.

We can also scan your document to searchable Word or PDF file format.



Document Shreading

Bring your documents to us for secure s

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